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Jews in Dora
Camp Wheeler
The Heroic Journey of Private Galione
John Galione is a young Italian boy growing up on a Long Island farm in the early 1920s. A traumatic experience molds him into an Army Scout who risks everything to engage in an epic scouting mission to search for the prisoners of concentration camps. Plagued by instinct, Galione treks five days through Nazi territory and discovers Mittelbau Dora Concentration Camp and its top-secret Mittelwerk factory. Deep in a labyrinth of dark underground caves hidden in the Harz mountains, emaciated slave laborers from Buchenwald and other camps work under the lash of cruel Nazi guards, assembling Wernher von Braun's V-2 rocket--the world's first ballistic missile! Galione's crucial discovery is silenced, yet causes Pentagon officials to order the search for all camps, saving thousands, and prompts the American confiscation of German missile technology that launches the U.S. space program. Meanwhile, holocaust survivors ask God a heart-rending question. Galione spends his entire life decoding the comprehensive history and makes the astonishing discovery that the answer to their question is written within the story of his life. This compelling true history is a must read!
The Holocaust Liberator Who Changed History
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"In a few more days I would have died. John Galione and his fellow soldiers saved my life!"
---Michel Depierre, Mittelbau Dora Survivor

"It is an amazing story about a remarkable man. . . . To think of all the lives he saved. Not only the prisoners, but all their descendants!" ---- Joan and Charles Lang, Nordhausen survivor.
""I started reading the book and could not put it down. Maybe all those missiles that the U.S. got from Germany would be in Russian hands. John Galione made the big difference! Everyone should read this book!"
---D.M. Dora-Nordhausen liberator