Private Galione Wipes Out Enemy Nest At Roer
Enables Platoon to Seize Their Objective
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Aachen, Germany: The Timberwolves faced a line of enemy tanks blocking advancement. Galione took action: "I stood straight up in my jeep, took aim with my bazooka, and blew up the head tank with a single round. Then, me and a few of my buddies jumped out of our vehicles, ran over to the tanks, and killed all the Germans attached to those tanks. They looked so young. Hitler didn't care how young they were. He used boys as young as 12 to fight in the war."

Private Galione and his comrades caused the entire line of tanks to retreat, enabling the Timberwolves to advance into the heart of Germany. Galione received the Bronze Star for his actions. His sergeant, who nick-named him Eagle Eye, received the Silver Star.
Galione with
his Bazooka
Receives Bronze Star With Oak Leaf Cluster
Distinguished Unit Citation/Presidential Unit Citation
Aachen, Germany: West of the Sigfried Line
Private Galione and His Comrades Cause A Line
of Tanks to Retreat. Enable Platoon to Advance
and Seize Objective
Galione Receives Bronze Star
Decoration: Aachen, Roer River, Rhine River
In Memory of John Galione
Wounded at the Rhine River
After loosing contact with his squad, Private Galione swam across the Rhine River with a few men from another squad. When they came ashore, the Germans were waiting for them, shelling them. Shrapnel from an exploding shell ripped into the shinbone of Private Galione's left leg, shattering bone. Nine days later, he walked over a hundred miles to search for prisoners. On April 10, 1945, he discovered Mittelbau Dora Concentration Camp.
Galione Receives Purple Heart
Jews in Dora
Camp Wheeler
Army of Occupation: Germany
Bronze Star with Oak Lea Cluster
Purple Heart
Good Conduct Medal
European, African, Middle Eastern Campaign Medal
World War II Victory Medal
Distinguished/Presidential Unit Ribbon
104th "Timberwolf" Army Infantry Division Patch
Honorable Discharge Pin
American Campaign Medal
Rifleman 745