Honoring Camp Wheeler Comrades, C Company, 15th Batallion
who sometimes fought with Private Galione in Europe
Steve was affectionately known by his comrades as "Skeezo." He trained at Camp Wheeler, Georgia, and later became a member of the 47th Infantry "Raider" Regiment, 9th Infantry Division, Company-A. On December 10, 1944, Harmanos was in the process of crossing an open field along the edge of a cliff with Timberwolf John Galione when a land mine took his life.

According to Galione, Steve died heroically just after planning and executing an escape that helped free an entire platoon of men from heavily defended territory, during a fierce battle. His plan paved the way for his comrades to break free of the seige. Steve was buried with full military honors in tribute to his noble service. His burial service was conducted by a Catholic Chaplain in a military cemetary located in Belgium. Steve Harmanos was known as "the nicest guy ... a guy who was always willing to help." My father proudly referred to him as his closest friend.
Stephen A. Harmanos, Jr.
Richard Furniss
Dick trained at Camp Wheeler, Georgia, with Harmanos and Galione. He fought in Europe beside Galione during at least one battle where he mentioned a maneuver Dick performed that took great strength. Near the end of the war, Dick witnessed the horrors of the concentration camps.

After the war, in 1963, Dick founded the Eastern Shore Region Antique Automobile Club of America along with 15 others." During that time, he combined his passion for wood carving and antique cars by carving several three-dimentional wall plaques. On March 4, 1997, Dick passed away from the effects of lung cancer. His award-winning, wood carving of an antique car hangs in his memory in the Automobile Club of America's car museum in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Dick was known as a kind and gentle person. Dad spoke of him fondly as, "my good friend."
The Squad of Furniss and Harmanos
The Platoon of Furniss and Harmanos
Soldiers sitting on a stone arch.
Dick and a close comrade.
In Training at Camp Wheeler, Georgia
War Photos contributed
by Delphine Furniss
John Galione, Tom Galanti
Dick Furniss, Charles Gambino
Steve Harmanos, Tom Galanti
John Galione, Norman Fenner
Galione, Furniss, Gambino, and Harmanos
Galanti and Furniss
Harmanos and Furniss in europe
Camp Wheeler was a training camp for replacement soldiers
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